The Gurgaon Moms Summit 2016 – A Gala Event

The day long awaited for, began with a splash of pink in all imaginable hues as I entered the main hall of Crown Plaza.

A rush of chirpy energy greeted me to the Gurgaon Moms summit. Now, this was going to be an experience, a summit, by women, for women, so immaculately put together, picking up and weaving into it just the right kind of threads, relevant to mommyhood, more importantly to womanhood. It was truly women ruling the roost.

The various interactive stalls adorned the venue. The prominent ones, the Horlicks, the Kunskapskolam with their ever smiling representatives were a visual delight, though the most sought after stall still lay ahead. One could hold a placard that one most related to and get clicked. Some of the captions that the placards spoke were “ multitasker”, “mend”, “fix” etc. Wow. Now that was a brilliant idea. The printed and framed result is an endearing keepsake.

The very multifaceted Vasu Primlani was going to keep us cracking every minute with her witty one


Neela, with her welcome address and the warmth of her voice, touched the chords of many a heart. #momsurecan #momhasdone

Supposedly close to every mother’s heart, the first session, a very meaningful one, was about regaining one’s identity without compromising on the title ‘mom’. The celebrated author Sutapa Basu, recited a poem in appreciation of the woman, indeed a very gladdening one.

The various moms cum professionals presented their valuable views about how they handled the various responsibilities. Something that stayed with me was how can one be a happy mom, a happy person, above all. It is so very essential to sometimes break away from those norms which limit us and soar higher, winning over our own selves each day.

True happiness lies in learning to enjoy and embrace what one does. As a mom, it is difficult to keep up to the challenges that one is faced with, but the word ‘woman’, itself exudes so much power, so much capability. A woman is able to take up so many identities, just what is needed is the determination to be stress free and taking it easy at times.

The next session about domestic abuse must have directly or indirectly imparted a lot of strength to the audience, without doubt. The experts, Dr Roma Kumar, a counsellor, Rajshri Sen from Breakthrough and our very own Gurgaon mom, Kanika Kush threw light on how domestic abuse stretches beyond physical boundaries to psychological and verbal fringes too. Kanika, a victim herself,  more appropriately a survivor, described her journey of victory over her own limitations and breaking the template. While most women keep struggling in an abusive relationship for the sake of their children, her child was precisely the reason why she chose to step out of her unhappy marriage and gave him a happy life. Advocate Sunieta Ojha aptly explained the legal aspects of the cases out of her own vast experience and emphasized on identifying abuse at the right time, while Dr Kalpana Viswanath, the founder of Safetipin, alongside stressed on how those little steps of humanity on our end can help many a women in their hour of need.

As all of us dispersed to attend the break out sessions before lunch. I entered Shilpi Singh’s session. Shilpi, who comes across as a very warm and affable person talked about creating an ecosystem to maintain a work life balance.  We racked our brains and thought of some creative solutions to the little everyday glitches that we face while managing the daily regimen of work and family. She brought our focus to the fact that with an effective ecosystem, a woman can aim to do whatever she wants. How heartening that seems !!

If it had not been for time crunch, we could have asked her to go on and on.

The lunch, needless to say was a well thought out, elaborate affair, the sumptuous desserts giving it a perfect finale. The obvious lethargy that it brought was effectively blown away by a refreshing drum

session that we undertook soon after. It completely replenished all the energy and brought back cheer in the hall.

How we, as parents can be control freaks when it comes to our children, it is tough to bring ourselves to believe that they have their own individualities. This session bringing to light, the funny side of parenting was just about that. The renowned panel members, recalled and shared with us incidences from their lives when they’ve turned serious situations around using plain humor. Bringing up children can be mentally and physically exhausting and that’s when humor saves the moment. Dr Anupam Sibal, group medical director of Apollo hospitals, Dr Shelja Sen, child psychologist and the author of the book, “ All I need is love” ,as professionals discussed the technical aspects of the process. Shunali Shroff, who has compiled her personal accounts in her book, “Battle hymn of a bewildered mother”, gave us a sneak peak into her amusing anecdotes involving her kids.

Lt Rita Gangwani, a timid, soft spoken person, but strong willed deep within, firmly believes in giving importance and taking care of oneself every now and then. In her session about feeling good in one’s own skin, she talked about faith in the Almighty and how she has always placed her trust on the fact that we are all but parts of the larger picture, which is bound to be beautiful.

A thoughtful thank you poem by Upasana aptly culminated the summit. She took care to acknowledge all of them all who had been working hard to put the grand event together.

Soaking up all the wisdom from the meaningful interactions during the day, we stepped out to see some well known salons of the city, all set to pamper us with their alluring relaxation massages. An awesome ending to an awesome day!!!

How can one forget the goodie bag, a mark of our presence at the summit, a small bag containing just the kind of knick knacks needed by a mommy!!!

Unbelievably excellent!! Impeccable!! Couldn’t get better than this!!! A refreshing break from the monotony!!

More power to you Gurgaon moms!!! Kudos to the team !!

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