Be Selfish to stay selfless

Stay selfish so that you can stay selfless for your family. What a conflicting example, but it actually worked in her life. Marriage, the ceremony has been for long has been portrayed as the be all and end all of marriage, cos that is where all the entertainment lies. The truth is, it is not … Continue reading Be Selfish to stay selfless


        Alkalinity – the word has been around for ages but is being talked about a lot these days. Well, one may think it is just another passing fad, but alkaline is the ideal environment that the human body functions in. Since we suddenly got into this health mode on a more … Continue reading Alkalinity

The (un)important life skill


What better than an adult who can rustle up a meal for themselves and family, without a fuss, Maggi and industrial bread packets notwithstanding.

It may sound damn uninteresting at the outset, but read between the lines and you can think of many adults around you throwing up their hands up in the air at the thought of cooking up a meal.

At the risk of sounding conservative, yet having no qualms about it, I wish to make a statement here, if eating is a fundamental need and a right, knowing how to cook must be placed among the top ten most important life skills. Ain’t it?

Imagine how empowered an individual is, who is able to throw in a few ingredients from the fridge and pull off a short and a quick meal all by himself. Well, I would certainly be very very proud of this person, uhmmm… may…

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